Chp Warns East Bay Drivers Someone May Be Throwing Rocks from Overpass


An East Bay woman is warning other drivers that someone might be throwing rocks at cars on the freeway from an overpass.Alamo resident Sereta Churchill’s car was hit Tuesday on Highway 24 at the Lafayette-Walnut Creek border.

“It was such a scary moment and I can still hear the sound. It was just awful,” Churchill told ABC7 News.Churchill’s sunroof was shattered by what she thinks was either a rock, or a bullet.

She was driving home to Alamo Tuesday from Lafayette when the object struck the top of her SUV.

The incident happened as she drove under the El Curtola overpass where Highway 24 meets I-680.

“It just was a huge blast. And I said to my son, ‘I think I’ve been shot,'” Churchill said.

She pulled off the freeway and called 911.

Officer Brandon Correia with the California Highway Patrol says they have received between 15 and 25 similar reports since December.”The majority of these are in the 680, Highway 24 area,” Correia said. They’re seeing cracked windshields, and sun roofs, but no injuries so far. “We want to let the public know we are concerned about this. It is on our radar. We are aware of these incidents, and we want people to report it.”

Churchill was not hurt – but getting her car fixed was a major inconvenience.

“I sell real estate, so being without a car it’s not easy. And, I have a rental car, and I operate out of my car as an office so it’s hard,” Churchill said.

The CHP is asking any other victims out there to call them and report it.

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