Diocese of Lafayette reveals renovated Holy Family Apartments


LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – A ribbon cutting was held Wednesday afternoon to mark the completion of a major renovation project at Holy Family Apartments.

Holy Family Apartments is a low-income housing complex owned and operated by the Diocese of Lafayette. The property has been undergoing renovations for about two years.

“We have replaced everything in each apartment down to the interior and exterior stud walls,” said Ed Boustany, Director of Projects for the Diocese of Lafayette. “This includes all sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, appliances, air conditioning systems, electrical components, and for the first time in the history of this property our residents are better protected with the complete installation of a fire sprinkler system.”

The exterior also received some much needed repairs.

“All of the units have new roofs, windows, doors, and siding,” said Boustany.

Boustany says the renovations cost over $20 million. He says this is the first major renovation since the complex opened in 1973.

“To make it a little bit more livable and inviting for low-income families to be able to have nice, available housing for them to be able to use,” explained Bishop J. Douglas Deshotel.

Resident, Norman Felix, says he was caught by surprise when his newly remodeled apartment turned out better than expected.

“I couldn’t believe how wonderful it turned out to be,” said Felix. “It’s like going from living in the slums to living in a mansion.”

Felix is joyful in the fact that the upgrades make living on the property a lot more comfortable.

“I have peace, I have good neighbors, the grounds are wonderful, and I commend all the people who did the work,” explained Felix.

Felix says he’s just thankful to now have a place to call home that looks good as new.

“It’s wonderful because it’s God’s blessing to have places like this for some of us that are less fortunate than others,” said Felix.

As for Felix, he seems to be living out the vision that Bishop Deshotel has for residents.

“We hope they feel a sense of security and that they feel a sense of dignity that they have clean, affordable housing,” said Bishop Deshotel.

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