Great Restaurants To Stop By While Visiting The City Of Lafayette LA

There are a few Louisiana cities that I have an affinity for, and Lafayette is one of them. It is a great city, and I would like to get to know it better. Let’s explore a few of the city’s top restaurants together. Lafayette LA has plenty of them, over 600, and I am going to give you the names of and information about three of them.

Rodizio Grill is a good first pick, and you can find it on Ambassador Caffery Parkway. There is a great salad bar there. That’s where it all starts according to the reviews. Would you like to guess what happens next? What the restaurant staff does is bring a lot of different great meats to your table. There is also grilled pineapple served up as a nice delicacy.

Dwyer’s Cafe is located on Jefferson Street. I really like the sign on the front of the restaurant, featuring the name of the establishment in green and red neon letters. First of all, this place serves up a little something unique with its eggplant casserole. Biscuits, hashbrowns and a whole lot more brunch style menu items await you at Dwyer’s Cafe.

Hub City Diner is located on South College Road, and I see a picture of a delicious looking sundae that is way over the top, just awesome. They also have biscuits, curly fries, burgers, fried mushrooms and so much more. I have to say that if I had to pick a favorite of the bunch, it would be this one. I want one of each of the menu items mentioned, especially, not plus, especially the sundae. As a matter of fact, I will take that first. Then over the next couple days on vacation there in Lafayette, Louisiana, I would make it by the other two restaurants as well.