Official Beers of Lsu and Louisiana-Lafayette Could Soon Be Outlawed

Lawmakers in the state of Louisiana will soon make a decision that could cut off a revenue stream for both LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette. A bill to prohibit universities in the state with having partnerships with breweries would mean official beers for LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette would have to cease to be brewed.

The piece of legislature is House Bill 610 was introduced by Democratic state representative Cedric Glover, who has made it his personal mission to make it illegal for schools to arrange official beer partnerships to brand university images on alcoholic beverages.

“Why would we have wanted to officially license and brand and tie an alcoholic beverage to a school?” Glover asked in a story by The Advocate. “Deep in my heart, I just know it’s wrong for us as a state to allow a public university to put our official stamp of approval on an alcoholic beverage.”

If passed, the bill would not immediately shut down the existing partnerships LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette have, but would prevent them from renewing those contracts when they expire. Of course, LSU president F. King Alexander is suggesting Glover has other motives.

“It’s nonsense. Glover likes to throw stones,” Alexander said. “He’s never been a fan of LSU.”

For what it is worth, Glover attended LSU in college (as well as Grambling State).