Three of Lafayette Louisiana’s Best Restaurants to Visit for a Meal

While there are plenty of other things that you need to be enjoying in Lafayette LA, the food definitely ranks at the top of the list. Have you ever been to Lafayette and some of Louisiana’s other great cities? If not, you are missing out on some great restaurant experiences, so put a trip like this on your to do list. In fact, when you show up to Lafayette LA, you can count on the following top three restaurant choices to be enjoyable.

Blue Dog Cafe is one of your choices, and it is a place that serves up seafood Louisiana style including crawfish, crab cakes, bread pudding and more. One reviewer talks about driving six hours just to go to this restaurant. Now that is dedication. This looks like a great place to eat in Lafayette, and we have two more restaurants to feature from the city.

The French Press looks like a great restaurant to me. It is on East Vermilion Street, and it is mentioned in the menu highlights that it is a great spot for brunch. I see biscuits and breakfast sandwiches mentioned for starters, and that sounds really good. It actually makes me hungry for breakfast now, and you know a place called The French Press is going to have some great coffee.

Marcello’s Wine Market Cafe is located on Kaliste Saloom, and this place looks nice. The menu highlights mention pork cheeks, pasta, shrimp and more. One person calls this restaurant a gem, and it certainly does seem like a really nice place to enjoy a meal. Are you ready to go cruising around Lafayette and visit one of these three fine establishments? If I had to pick one to stop by first, I think I would choose Blue Dog Cafe, but The French Press is a strong second.