Top Historical Attractions in Lafayette Louisina

For all of us who live in the Lafayette area, we know how incredible of a city it is. We love our neighbors and are happy to call it home. If you have never had the opportunity to visit, why not make plans today. We have a wide array of attractions and sites. However, we truly stand out when it comes to historical attractions. There are many in the area that caters to the original settlers of the area. We are a great city for history buffs and traditional tourists alike.

If you love history but hate guided tours, you should head over to Acadian Village. This is an incredible area attraction that allows self-guided tours of the area. If you are fortunate enough to be in the area around Christmas, the area does an incredible job with decorating the village, it is truly a sight worth seeing. Otherwise, this is a perfect opportunity to step back in time and see a truly authentic Cajun culture. It is an area that will remain in your heart long after you have departed the area.

Another interesting point in the area is that of Vermilionville. This is another historic village which offers up period actors celebrating early Cajon culture. Here you are going to find people who love explaining the history and culture of the area. There is also an incredible gift shop on the property as well as a fun jam session during the weekends. It is a great location to have some fun and learn a little more about the area.

A final stop in the area should be at Evangeline State Park. This area is going to combine some natural fun along with a little bit of history as well. The grounds are simply incredible and the oak trees make this an incredible park for an afternoon picnic.