Turley To Speak At Inaugural W. Eugene Davis Lecture In Lafayette, Louisiana

The Honorable W. Eugene Davis

Today I will the great honor of serving as the inaugural speaker at the W. Eugene Davis Lecture in Lafayette, Louisiana. This event holds a particular personal meaning for me because I clerked for Judge Davis on the Fifth Circuit in the late 1980s. Serving as his clerk was the single most transformative decision that I have made in my professional life. The clerkship started a lifelong friendship that I cherish to this day. Judge Davis is adored by everyone who has worked with him for his unflagging decency, civility, and integrity. When I think back to my time in his chambers, I realize how much the experience — and Judge Davis — shaped my views of legal ethics, professionalism, and civility. This lecture is a fitting tribute to a man who served justice for decades as a trial judge and later an appellate judge. He is the classic and genuine judicial article. He still relishes the simple task of judging — fairly and honestly. He has spent his lifetime eschewing ideology in favor of resolving cases in an unbiased and consistent manner. He is my ideal of what everyone judge should strive to be. He remains a humble and decent man who seeks to do justice. That is why this lecture series is such a fitting testament to the legacy of W. Eugene Davis.

Last night, I returned to Lafayette to stay overnight with Gene and Celia Davis. It brought back a flood of memories that seem like they were just days — not decades — ago.

The Davis lecture will be held on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 1:00 pm at the U.S. District Court WDLA, 800 Lafayette Street, Lafayette, LA

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